Fortnite B.R.U.T.E.S are not overpowered, you are just overthinking! PC

There has been a story that has gone around so long no one knows if its true or a legend, focused around a room of genius stumped by a cryptic string of numbers, who even with their combined immense IQ’s couldn’t break the code, and then one of their children came into the room and seeing it for what it was, simple 2nd grade math solved the equation, their brilliance made them over complicate it.

The same is happening concerning B.R.U.T.E.S.

They are not OP. They are powerful, yes, but also super easy to counter.

I am far from a fantastic player, and have never won a solo match, BUT I have killed over 300 B.R.U.T.E.S, since they launched, and B.R.U.T.E.S, have killed me exactly ONCE, upon my first encounter with one, from a single battle I knew how to defeat it and have continued to do so every match since.


  • If they are facing away from you, hop in and hit self-destruct, free kill!
  • If they are running towards you or trying to toggle seats, kite them with ramps and unload an AR clip, it takes roughly 1.2 clips from a grey AR to finish them, alternatively just get close, hit e to get in and self destruct!


  • A duo with AR’s can burn down a mech in roughly 5 seconds which if timed right is faster than their rocket load time and offers a better range than their shotguns.


  • A squad with AR’s can burn down a mech in roughly 2-3 seconds which if timed right is MUCH faster than their rocket load time and offers a better range than their shotguns.


  • Five of more players with AR’s can burn down a mech in roughly 1-1.5 seconds which if timed right is FAR faster than their rocket load time, and offers a better range than their shotguns.

Shush Reddit!

Once again a lot of this drama is caused by the Reddit hive mind, who despite being in the minority of the Fortnite player-base, feel like they are a majority due to the echo chamber effect of Reddit, silencing all those who disagree.

The overwhelming vote/support by player base for the return of the barrel gun despite the hive mind of the FortniteBR subreddit being staunchly opposed to its return is just one example of how small the active FortniteBR subreddit community is when compared to the larger userbase.

I feel the FortniteBR Reddit could have a bright future if the highly vocal elements of the community just understood they are not the entire player base and nerfing or vaulting every new or exciting feature isn’t the way to go for Fortnites future.

Some items and changes do need vaulting/reverting, but only after enough time is given so, Epic can review all corresponding data.

Sometimes the hivemind is correct, and their opinion is that of the majority, but mostly they are the minority who oppose everything beyond double pump and 90s.

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