Call of Duty : WWII proves that video games are a valid storytelling medium. PC

From Togas to glue sniffing?!

From Greek theatre to Hollywood blockbusters, from Shakespeare’s plays to Dickens novels there have always been accepted mediums for art to be portrayed.

TV and radio have become widely accepted as acceptable mediums for portraying stories, and yet if you tell someone that a video game can also tell a story, they look at you like you have been sniffing superglue.

The Road is Long.

And yet video games have come a very long way from the days of 8bit characters gliding around your screen occasionally giving a few lines of epic dialogue such as “the princess is in another castle”.

Outdated views.

Sadly in the eyes of many today, they have not evolved their view of video games, alongside the evolution of video games themselves, they are a pastime for children and nothing more.


Failing that they are a pastime for homicidal maniacs and shooters to hone their destructive skills.

Not asking for praise, only acceptance.

Video games can be so much more than what people give them credit for, 2019’s a Plague Tale and 2017’s Call of Duty WW2 and Hellblade: Senya’s Sacrifice are just three examples of beautiful storytelling that happens to take the form of a video game.

Upon finally playing through the entirety of Call of Duty WW2’s campaign I was captivated by the story, yes its nothing groundbreaking, but its undoubtedly equal to a decent Hollywood war film or New York Times best-selling novel and yet they are praised while games are mocked and relegated to a nerd hobby.

Just give them a chance.

Not every game story is a success, just like not every film is a hit, but I feel its time we let the medium have a chance to show not only gamers but the world at large, that it has earned its place as an artistic medium.

The Future is bright.

With the success of games like A Plague Tale and Hellblade: Senya’s Sacrifice, I am optimistic that we will see more story-heavy games soon!

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