, Lets Talk About: The False Moral Outrage over EGS.

Lets Talk About: The False Moral Outrage over EGS.

I can admire someone’s conviction even when they are wrong, and such is the way I feel about DARQ, and its developer, the fact he wished to be honourable and provide Steam release due to the number of people who had wish-listed it on steam was admirable, commendable even, but it’s also very misguided.

True fans of the game would buy it from Gog, Origin, EGS, Uplay, true fans of the game would have been happy to see a hardworking developer get a nice beefy paycheck.

But I wanted Brown Cardboard!

The best analogy I can give is you pre-order a DVD and are told the shipping container will not be brown cardboard, but instead white, the DVD itself (including case etc.) is precisely what you ordered, it will merely have different mail packaging.

Can you imagine how foolish you would be to cancel your order because you wanted a brown cardboard box that does not affect the look or usage of the actual product?

The same applies to throwing a hissy fit over getting an epic key instead of a steam key for a Kickstarter, you are getting the same product, and the only difference is the design of the launcher you press play on, once you hit play, its the same experience.

Hivemind.. again.

The barrier protecting such people from scorn and self-improvement is once again the Reddit hivemind, like-minded people who are all equally wrong reinforce each other’s opinions, people who are wrong to this degree are often loud and incredibly aggressive with their error, and sadly silence almost all voices of reason.

Reddit is an excellent tool that could have been used for good, yet too often, it is used to reinforce stupidity, and the Anti-EGS is just one example of such ignorance.

A fool never feels foolish, when he is surrounded by other fools, and there are none so stupid as those who willingly act like fools.

Going too Far.

Today I saw a post on the DARQ steam forum which while factually honest took a coarse tone, mocking the developer for his low CCU and comparatively low sales volume.

While the thread-starter stated the facts in a crass manner, the truth is that the sales/CCU of DARQ are minuscule compared to the number of people who cheered the developer on for not going exclusive, when you factor in steams 30% cut the dev has a much smaller paycheck for his work than if he had gone with Epic.

And no being honest doesn’t make me an Epic shill, I hope Steam, Epic, Gog, Uplay, Origin, Bethesda, Microsoft store etc. do well, an open market doesn’t require every game to be on every platform, it merely gives those platforms the right to compete for those games

Steam for example could

1) Lower their fees
2) Secure exclusives of their own.

As someone who has worked with massive companies in a senior IT consultant role, (we are talking companies with hundreds of billions in yearly revenue), I can assure you that a lot of what Steam fanbois say must be worth the 30% fee really isn’t, bandwith these days is dirt cheap compared to when Steam started, forums like the ones used by Steam could be whipped up in about 3-4 hours of decent coders time, and the review system any coder could replicate in 30-60 minutes.

As to why Epic doesn’t have forums or reviews, both are simple to explain.

Forums, in general, are a dying breed, Reddit and discord make a far better venue for discussion, it is the same reason modern pcs don’t ship with floppy disc drives. (Speak to anyone serious in a forum based industry, and they will tell you its shrunk massively over the last few years with a few exceptions mostly centred around niche topics)

Reviews, when done right, are a good thing but I would say close to 80% of steam reviews don’t belong here, they are off-topic or just plain awful. (ranting about epic, falling on one side or the other of the SJW/anti-SJW agenda, entitled aka “I got bored after 5k hours, I want my $4 back, memes, or copypasta) the epic store should have reviews, but not every user should have a right to post a review, if you cannot be objective, explain your reasoning for liking/disliking a game or do so without swearing like you have no upbringing, then no you should not have a right to post a review.

Other Causalities

In a related note, Jupiter hell took a similar stance in regards to Epic Game Store, banking undoubtedly on the moral conviction of the AntiEGs crowd and look at his CCU

https://steamcharts.com/app/811320, 16 players, 24 hours peek.

It saddens me to see indie developers bullied/deceived into turning away good deals, for fear of the Reddit hivemind ruining their lives.

The Future

I want to see a future where Steam, EGS, Origin, Uplay, Gog, Microsoft, Stadia, Bethesda all prosper, a multi-game ecosystem would benefit developers and gamers alike, giving developers less of a reason to push out games early if they can be assured funding to polish their titles (exclusives), and players would have far more significant discounts, as launchers compete to have the best winter/summer sales, at the end of the day everyone would benefit.

And since some of you still think it…

No supporting the truth doesn’t make me a shill for EGS, if Steam was the target of this hivemind witchhunt, I would be defending Steam and all the right points it brings to the table.

I find it amusing I have been accused of being an Epic shill by people who own maybe CSGO, and a few free to play games.

I purchase thousands of dollars worth of games from Steam every year, including this year having acquired over 30 full-priced titles from Steam and over double that number in discounted titles.

Recommended Deals.

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