Emberlight: this game is perfect for fans of World of Warcraft Pet Battles

Emberlight: this game is perfect for fans of World of Warcraft Pet Battles
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Proof of the Pudding.

I will begin off by saying i was given this key by the developers for review purposes, and if you have read my reviews for any length of time you know that having a free key doesn’t mean a positive review, in fact over 40% of the games I have been given for review purposes get negative reviews.

I give an honest review and my track record speaks for itself, with that being said, on with the review!

She don’t look like much, but has it where it counts.

I am not a huge fan of the art style, while it has no obvious flaws, its just not very appealing to me, everything is “alright” and nothing feels terrible, the graphics in no way inspire me or make me want to say they are anything better than average indie fare.

The game however shines mechanically, the ability to steal enemy spells at a cost to your morality is fantastic, the fact your most corrupted character will become the boss of the next play through is something i wish more games added to New Game+.

It means every play through is harder than the one before it, and with play through taking between 30 and 60 minutes , its easy to fit a play through in several times a week.

Learning Curve.. Learning Cliff.

My first fight took a tediously long amount of time, i thought that darn tree was never going to die, it was then i saw i was playing the game wrong, its not a simple attack vs defense game, but a game of buffs debuffs, bleeds and heals, in a way like  turn based MMORPG combat or Wow pet battles, yes anyone who likes wow pet battles will love this game, the combat is like a refined version of the wow pet battle system and once i got that mindset started, i found i could win battle after battle, and while it was never easy, the victory become all the sweeter for it.

Worth a Play?

Emberlight is a hidden gem and one i hope doesn’t remain hidden for long, while it may not be the most graphically pleasing game in existence, its one of the most solid indie games i have played in 2019 and a strong contender for indie game of the year for me.

I hope players give the game a chance, as I would love to see more games by the developer that offer mechanics of this depth and variety.

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