, Is Gears 5, Worth Playing ?

Is Gears 5, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC XBox One

Cutting it close

With only a few months left in the 2010’s games that haven’t already established themselves will have to get off to a running start to be listed among the best of the decade.

Rocket League, Rainbow Siege 6, Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Redemption 2, Overwatch, PuBG and Fortnite solidly cemented themselves giants of this decade.

I didn’t expect we would see much to shake up the playing field so late into the decade, yet Gears of War 5 has earned its place as one of the classics of the decade in only a few days, boasting one of the smoothest and most optimised ports to pc in years, a solid line up of launch and post-launch content, stunning visuals and fantastic combat.

I can see Gears 5 being a game still played five years from now by devoted fans old and new.

I only see Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Borderlands 3 (both crossplay titles) having a chance to cause an equally broad ripple,

Monster Hunter Icebourne could prove to be a dark horse, despite a PC release not coming until Jan 2020, a PS4 release alone could cement its position.

Crossplay is the Key.

Look at the biggest and most beloved games of this decade and the top-ranked contenders all offer crossplay.

Gears of War 5, Borderlands 3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare all offer cross-play at launch/shortly after launch and with games like Destiny 2 introducing cross-save capability, I am excited about the 2020s,

I see 2020’s is the decade where gamers of all systems can find common ground, allowing for longer supported games with massive player pools.

Enough soapbox, how are Gears of War 5?

Gears of War 5 is like Gears of War 4 but better, fans of the series will love it, those who want a solid shooter will love it, heck fans of smooth PC games on 4k will love it, but if you don’t like Gears of War 4, you won’t like this.

So much to do

Single Player Campaign: Solid as any you would expect from a single-player only game, with memorable characters, good action sequences, cut-scenes, superb voice acting and an excellent narrative.

Horde Mode: Horde mode is excellent but doesn’t bring much to the table that GoW4 already brought, a fantastic Horde mode, with lightning-fast matchmaking, starting with fewer and more natural enemies the waves increase until you entire team eventually wipes the fun comes in seeing how long you can tell death “not today”, while I liked this mode, it was not my favourite and I have played better 4 player co-op horde modes, for example, World War Z or Left for Dead 2.

Escape Mode: This mode was a breath of fresh air, and while its right now in its infancy, the potential for fantastic gameplay is there, a squad of players work together to escape the hive, all the while being pursued by toxic gasses, running into waves of enemies and if you are very unlucky a few elites/bosses along the way, I personally enjoyed this very much and intended to play this mode often.

Versus Mode: while the gun-play of the Gears of War Series is not as refined as say Call of Duty, Division or PuBG I find its slightly campy take on PvP to be a breath of fresh air, out of the 3 multiplayer modes this is the one I will be spending majority of my GoW time in, fast, frantic and most of all fun any fan of the third person PvP shooters will at least want to give this a try.

Worth a buy?

It’s an excellent shooter and one of the best third-person shooters released in the last five years, a reliable pickup any fans of the genre will regret.

Available now on Xbox One & PC (Steam and Microsoft Store)

Xbox Game Pass.

Gears 5, is part of Xbox Game Pass, an ever-growing catalogue of over 100 games that is a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games, including day one access to all Microsoft first party titles, for just a few dollars a month.

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