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Review: Salvation Prophecy : All Function no Polish.

There is always a first time.

I have encountered many ugly games which were mechanically inferior, yet offered immense content, and games which were graphically stunning and mechanically robust yet lacked substance.

Some games which lacked one of the other almost entirely, but this is the first time I have found a game that was mechanically stunning, incredibly fleshed but lacked polish in every other area of the game.

A lot more to do than most games.

From strategic elements to boots on the ground combat, there is always something to do, with RPG-lite load-outs, dogfights, surgical strikes and more, the game offers a wide range of diverse content, the problem I, none of it individually is any good, the third person combat feels worse than Star Wars Battlefront (2004), the aerial combat is less engaging than X Wing vs Tiefighter (1997) and while the character models are not horrific they appear closer to 2000 than the year they were released 2013

Enemies often look and act exactly alike, and human NPCs seem to share two character models.

Maps, while spacious lack any hint of creativity and all feel like asset store texture maps with a few trees and rocks scattered around them.

Sound effects are also abysmal, and some blaster fire sounds as if the dev was saying “pew pew pew”.

Animations are clunky and walking looks like a difficult task no matter which race you control.

Worth a play?

Honestly, I wish I hadn’t bought it myself, but gamers who would like to see a mechanically solid game and offered a wide array of content would enjoy this at a lower price point (£5-7).

The developers seem to have not released anything since, which is a shame, as they certainly had the mechanical capability to produce a comprehensive game, simply failing on the polish aspects.


With a bigger budget and a larger team, this could have been a single-player alternative to Planetside 2, as it stands its All Function no Polish and that is a real shame.

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