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What is an Epic Fanboi according to r/steam?

Now let’s begin by describing what a fanboi is, it is someone who has a nearly unhealthy obsession with a single company or tech, often to the point of only wishing to use that tech/company and refusing to use any others, sound familiar?

Something ain’t right.

I have often been called a EGS Fanboi for my stance on pc gaming which is as follows “I will gladly buy a game on whatever launcher it launches on, if its a game I want to play, the launcher is not important, be it Steam, Gog, Uplay, EGS, Origin, Xbox Pc Store, Battlenet, or first-party launcher.” This view is in no way unique to me and is held by almost every gamer who purchases games on platforms other than just Steam.

Meanwhile “Steam Fanbois” refuse to purchase a game unless it is on Steam, they will refuse to buy games they want and even go as far as pirating them (which is legally and morally known as theft to any sane person), they get rabidly angry at people who purchase games outside of Steam and launch hate campaigns at devs who launch on EGS exclusively, despite all this.

It is this very group of people who accuse those of us who have no dedication to a single platform of being Fanbois.

Ironic eh?

If this rabid attraction to Steam is a side effect of Asperger or Autism then I do not mock their condition, however if there is no medical reason for such blind fanatical devotion to a business, and yes, Steam like every other launcher is a business trying to make money, they need to step away from the keyboard to examine their lives.

You can have two best friends.

How often squabbling kids argue who is someone’s best friend until a parent steps in and says it’s ok to have two or more best friends, the same applies today with launchers.

I have no issue with Steam far from it, I think its fantastic (the only downside is its toxic forum/Reddit community), I use Steam daily, I buy more from Steam than many of its most vocal Fanbois, and yet because I am not married to it, and will just as happily buy games from any other launcher, I am called a “EGS Fanboi” sure… lol.


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