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2019 is nearly over and I still miss Lawbreakers.

A year on paper, 2 in reality.

On paper, Lawbreakers died a year ago this month, but anyone who played the game knows that it genuinely died two years ago shortly after launch.

Lawbreakers were one of the best first-person shooters of the 2010s and what made it so enjoyable was it captured the simplicity of the 90s with a new coat of polish and mechanics that not only didn’t cheapen the core 90s gameplay but enhanced it.

Sadly Lawbreakers overpriced, which lead to a continually dwindling player-base, upon seeing the games slow growth and then steady decline fewer gamers purchased Lawbreakers and many more refunded before even giving the game a chance.

Its death was inevitable at that point, and yet the game hobbled along for a few more months until the release of update 1.4, it was this patch killed the game for those of us who had remained, and the rest is history.

A new hope.

Quake Champions while still a very niche title is very much an example of the type of game-play that Lawbreakers aspired to offer, having both taken inspiration from classic Quake, the high-speed combat, fast frags, and adult sci-fi aesthetic of the world and characters shared similarities that would almost make the games appear to be step-siblings.

For me, Quake Champions scratches the itch that Lawbreakers left behind, and with it being free to play on Steam and Bethesda launcher (with crossplay), anyone missing Lawbreakers would certainly not go wrong giving Quake Champions a try.

A rather short-lived hope.

Quake Champions is not the next big thing, Quake was massive in its day and the IP carries a lot of weight, despite that Quake Champions struggles to maintain a steam daily CCU of near around 1k and Bethesda launcher estimated to be 2-3x that numbers, you are looking at 3-4k players at peak hours.

That is enough to keep the servers on and matchmaking reasonably quick, but hardly enough to fund any significant development without injection of outside capital.

Any Dev Activity?

Development is ongoing at a trickle rate, and while 2019 has seen no new maps or characters, we have seen a few modes added at the behest of the community.

A Dying Breed.

The Arena shooter is a dying breed, I hope however Quake Champions is with us a few more years yet, and before its final demise, a new contender revives the genre, as its a part of PC gaming history and should be preserved for future gaming generations.

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