Review: Dota Underlords : Why?! PC

Updated Review: Oct 25th

I need to come clean, I can not see why people like this game, heck why they like the genre itself, its nothing that hasn’t been done better previously, games like Minion Masters have a very similar gameplay structure, but with added interactivity and challenge, I just don’t see the excitement of playing an RNG and luck-based game that gives you no direct control over the battle itself.

An excellent way to waste time?

I could see why phone users like this game, it’s very much like dozens of other “idle games”, where you slap down a few units or heroes and let the game do the rest.

Gamers on PC have a far greater pool of games to choose from, and I have no idea why Auto Chess has become so big.

Dota and Lol are entertaining games, and while they are not the type of games I enjoy playing, I can see WHY people enjoy them, its a similar thrill I experience in World of Warcraft PvP Battlegrounds.

A Safe Bet.

If you are going to play Autochess, Underlords is an excellent place to start, with good graphics a massive userbase, and the backing of Valve itself, you will never be short of people to play with, and the longterm health of the game is assured for the duration of
Auto Chess genre itself.

It’s only going to get bigger from here.

Auto Chess is clearly going to continue and grow, and soon will be as much a part of the PvP scene as Battle Royale and Total Deathmatch, And while I won’t be spending much time playing Auto Chess games, I am glad they exist and who knows, in future one may finally catch my eye.

Worth a play?

I do not recommend Auto Chess in general, however, if you like the genre or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, Dota Underlords is an excellent choice and one I recommend you give a try.


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