, Is Call of Duty : Modern Warfare, Worth Playing  in 2019?

Is Call of Duty : Modern Warfare, Worth Playing in 2019?

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I recently had the privilege of joining countless others in trying the Open Beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and I can honestly say its one of my favourite entries in the franchise, I am not just saying that because it’s new.

Just because its one of my favourites, doesn’t mean its the best Call of Duty ever and even great games have room for improvement,  Call of Duty Modern Warfare is no exception to that rule.

Why is it so good?

Everyone knows what a Call of Duty game looks and plays like, so I see no reason on rehashing what everyone knows, its one of the best looking and feeling FPS series on the market, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare pretty much just continues that trend, with incremental improvements.

The reason its so good is the large variety of game-modes, while 32v32 battles have been the mainstay of Battlefield games for a decade+, Call of Duty up till now has been known for its squad-based content, and while Call of Duty Modern Warfare offers plenty of the latter, its the former which I found refreshing, its the only beta test I played till the last moments, I didn’t want to lose even a minute of the experience, I am now actively waiting for the full release, and can’t wait to get my hands on Call of Duty Modern Warfare permanently.

After Thought.

I also greatly enjoyed the Night-vision goggles mode, it was some of the most fun I ever had on an FPS, and a much needed tactical aspect that was reminiscent of Rainbow Siege Six, a great change of pace from what is normally a run and gun experience.

Bringing people together.

As I said in my Gear 5 Review, cross-play is the future, and this is no exception, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have the best matchmaking times of any Call of Duty game and will continue to have a healthy community far beyond the normal lifespan of Call of Duty games.

Time to leave the nest.

Leaving Steam for Battlenet was great move for the franchise, its allowed Black Ops 4, a solid, yet far from the BEST entry in the Cod Franchise to still have active matchmaking 24/7 in Europe and stable NA matchmaking nearly a year after release, this includes being able to sustain a healthy population for the Battle Royale mode Blackout.

Fanboys say every new CoD is the best.

Actually no, As I said it’s not perfect, I have yet to see the campaign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and cannot rate it, but I have listed a few obvious problems.

No Zombies Mode: Zombies mode is one of my favourite modes, and even Infinite Warfare had it!, I feel its a mistake to cut out an entire sub-community from enjoying their favourite elements of the franchise, historically its the longest lasting elements of a CoD title, surviving years after normal modes have ceased to be active.

No Battle Royale: This is partially true, while there are hints one may be coming, as of yet we have no confirmation of a Battle Royale Mode, BR has joined the likes of Capture the Flag, Payload and Death Match, and is far from the trend/fad people accused it of being, A Battle Royale mode is expected to show up in an FPS of this calibre, and to exclude one would be a mistake.

In closing.

The “Best Call of Duty” game is very subjective, I have 10 Call of Duty games installed, and honestly, I enjoy them all and will keep Black Ops 4 installed for a long time to come.

The current Black Ops 4 Community will not simply abandon the game for Modern Warfare, both games offer a lot in their own right.

Even with Call of Duty Modern Warfare having vastly more active multiplayer/squad-based matchmaking, Black Ops 4 will continue to offer one of the best Zombie Modes since Black Ops 2 and Blackout, a well-received and active Battle Royale mode.

Last one out, locks the door.

Black Ops 4 will maintain a legacy community for many years to come, which is something I am very glad about, as good games don’t need to die just because newer entries in the series have released.

I am still able to join full lobbies any time of the day in Call of Duty: WW2 despite it being long ago declared “dead” by the steam community.

Black Ops 4 has one major advantage over its steam siblings, and that is not being dragged down by the toxic steam community, a community that deems any game below 10k CCU as a dead or dying, even squad or co-op based games suffer this same accusation, despite only need 2-4 players per lobby.

Hope for the future.

A highly unlikely, but a fantastic addition to Black Ops 4 would be to enable cross-play, as its clear from the buttery smooth cross-play in Modern Warfare they have mastered the technology/infrastructure behind it.

A full review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be posted upon full release.


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