Review: Depraved: Not Good, Not Bad, Simply Depraved. PC

In No Way a Bad Game.

I need to start by saying that the developers of depraved have done an exceptional job of bringing the wild west genre to life as a city builder, they deserve a round of applause for even attempting a Wild West pc game.

Wild West as a setting is vastly underrepresented and is far from the safe bet settings like Fantasy, American colonisation or Modern-day, except for Red Dead Redemption 2 name another successful Wild West game in the last five years?

Depraved is a robust city builder game both graphically and mechanically, and while it’s obviously an indie title, it’s an excellent indie title.

It’s Barely A Game, And That Is The Problem.

City builders like Banished, and Forest Villiage all feel like ant farms after a short while of play, however Depraved feels like an ant farm from the first minute, NPCs seem to move at one of 3 speeds, very slow, kinda slow, and slow.

I got up to get myself a drink of hot milk and returning 5 minutes, or so later, I saw almost no progress, the first few buildings were still under construction, despite having the game at maximum speed.

As I sat and watched the game unfold, I found it interesting in an ant farm way, but as a game, it felt like I had little to nothing to do for most of the time I played Depraved.

A Fair Bit Of Effort, Just Not A Bonanza.

I must reiterate the developers have made a solid title and one which they can be proud of, strange name aside its a game with very few flaws and one which is reasonably priced, and even leans slightly on the “too cheap” side of the scale, its very well made and continues to receive updates, both small and large.

Worth a Play?

If you want an Ant farm style game, then 100% yes, the Wild West theme is entertaining and one that few games explore.

However, If you want a game with a lot of ongoing interactivity, this genre is not for you.


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