Review: Daemonsgate : Slow Down Son, This isn’t a race! PC

Abilities some would deem to be.. unnatural.

When porting a 26-year-old game to Windows 10 anything can happen, but one of the most commons issues is games from that era used CPU speed to serve as a tempo for the movement speed of player characters and NPC and in some instances the movement of in world dynamic elements such a moving clouds or tumbleweeds.

When running on today’s vastly superior and far faster CPUs, it can give these elements a movement speed that would turn Sonic the Hedgehog green with envy.

I found myself flying around the tiny screen as NPCs moved with near blistering speed around the Inn, the barmaid seemed to be going about 90 MPH as she served drinks, I hope she got a raise, as the wear on her shoes must be terrible.

Held up well?

Graphically the game looks about right for its era, and when played in the resolution of that era is clear enough, the speed issues caused me not to experience hardly any combat, text would simply scroll past saying an “ambush failed” or some such, while I simply walked, or rather sprinted like Christian Coleman due to the CPU pacing issue.

Worth a buy?

Games like this are only ever worth a buy for nostalgia or game archaeology reasons, and if neither of those applies to you, Its best to give it a skip.

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