Death To Spies: Not Bad, But Showing Its Age.

Death To Spies: Not Bad, But Showing Its Age.
Still Worth a Play? PC

It’s A Big Boy Now.

Death to Spies is 12. It’s on its way to Jnr High, is allowed to stay up after 9pm and even play T rated games in most EU countries, how the time how flown, but what type of 12-year-old is he?

Looks Its Age.

Death to spies looks its age, and while the graphics were pretty solid for 2007 and are tolerable in 2019, its clearly a game from early-mid 000s, the character models, while a huge leap up from those in the 90s don’t make up for the robotic looking animations, often games of these era had animations that looked in-organic and overall very immersion breaking.

A Good Student.

For the time this game was very well made, with a wide array of mechanics that aided in being a spy, a lot of the mechanics are similar to Hitman, and the Setting of WW2 is a fun playground for those who don’t want to play a hired gun.

Better Options.

Unless you have a severe objection to being a Hitman, have burning nostalgia for this title or wish to explore games of a bygone era, I cannot recommend this game in 2019, as there are far better options available.

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