Drakkhen : Nostalgia+

Drakkhen : Nostalgia+
Still Worth a Play? PC

Could have been released in 2019.

Now before you fall off your seat in disbelief, the game is very clearly over 28 years old.

What I mean is it looks very much like the retro throwback games we see every few weeks on Steam, games made on modern engines to capture the magic of the early 90s.

Graphically on any resolution other than 480, you are going to run into some significant issues.

Namely, you turn into a puddle of pixels.


I found it amusing that even in this bitmap haven the women’s armour was skimpy, bitmap bikinis on people without faces, boobs were drawn in, faces features were not.

Worth a Play?

Oddly yes, while it’s very dated, and the combat is confusing without a manual, and even basic navigation caused me to google for some slight hint at what I was supposed to be doing.

It feels like a slice of history and is not as overwhelming user-unfriendly as some games from this era.

While it’s not for everyone, I feel those who like sampling games from the ’90s would enjoy taking a look at 1991’s Drakkhen

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