Majesty 2 : An Excellent Sequel

Majesty 2 : An Excellent Sequel
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Sequels can suck hard, sometimes a fantastic game gets worse with every descendent Majesty, however, was lucky, as its only sequel was not only a great homage to the 2001 classic, it improved upon its predecessor in every area.

My review of Majesty shows just why I love this sub-genre, so I will not rehash the same points, go read that if you want to know why I feel the game is a lost art that few games today can match.

What Has Changed?

The first and most evident improvement is graphical.

Honestly, I would be perfectly happy playing a game with graphics like Majesty 2 in 2019, while they are dated, they still look pretty good.

AA-AAA games released 2009 onwards are close enough graphically to today’s games not to be overly distracting, and while graphics have come a long way since I find games from this era rarely suffer from graphics so dated, they detract from the gameplay experience.

The mechanics of majesty are primarily retained, and while some areas have improved (the ability to set explore and attack flags for example), overall it’s the same gameplay that made Majesty beloved, any changes to the formula feel more like a tune-up than a complete overhaul.

Worth A Buy?

I feel that no one should be so off-put by Majesty 2 graphics as to want to avoid the game. I can play Majesty without distraction, yet I know for some the 2001 era graphics would be a deal-breaker.

For those who take a chance on Majesty 2, you will find a fun, addictive and well-made kingdom simulation that can easily keep you busy for 40+ hours.

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