Review: Ghost Recon – Breakpoint: Ubisoft Strikes Gold Again. PC

This review is based on playing the Gold Edition of Ghost Recon – Breakpoint via the UPlay Launcher.

Cut the Drama.

I will begin the review by saying all those complaining over the availability of MTX such as skins/single-player MTX, etc., are complaining over nothing.

If a man looks at a can of beer with a burning desire to get drunk out of his mind for the next ten years+, then he is an alcoholic, should all beer be banned just because some people have no self-control?

The very people who call for MTX to be banned, are often the same people who near riot when Steam bans some loli game, despite games made to cater to and feed the desires of perverts causing far more harm than a panda hat skin.

How Does It Feel?

Ubisoft games are some of the most polished and well-received games of the past 15 years.

With a few exceptions such as the Farcry 5 DLC which was far inferior to the base game, Ubisoft games are among some of the finest we see produced in the AAA market.

Haters aside, Ubisoft games are widely enjoyed by people of all ages, and always end up among the best selling and top-rated games of their release year.

Not Always an Easy Path.

Ubisoft has at times released games with glaring issues (such as For Honor, Rainbow Siege 6 and Divison).

However, they have a near-perfect track record of working on those issues until the game is a masterpiece.

Look at The Divison on day one vs end of its lifespan. The game went from being widely panned to near-universally praised.

Division 2 already is miles ahead of Division, and with support promised for at least four years, we are looking at a classic in the making.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an almost perfect union of The Division 2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Far Cry, and borrows heavily from these franchises in both aesthetic and mechanics.

First vs Third Person.

While aiming can be performed in the person, I honestly wish the entire game could be played in first person, as games such as this are so much more immersive without the benefits of third-person view.

A Wide and Exspanive World.

The map feels surprisingly huge, after 4 hours I am only at 3% exploration, and while undoubtedly the exploration will speed up as I unlock fast travel points, this is a seriously big map, the addition of a realism based navigation system is fantastic, allowing people to choose if they want icons on the map leading to objectives or a collection of hints and clues.

This addition makes the game appealing to both casual and hardcore crowds, those who crave a little more realism will get a kick out of turning off guided mode, and navigating more realistically.

A Living World.

The NPCs look more alive and real than any other game I have played, with more responsive AI and smoother animations, it’s easy to immerse yourself in what could be the best open-world Ubisoft game to date.

I have never enjoyed exploring and stealth so much in an open-world game, the thrill of entering an enemy compound and stealing blueprints is something I have not felt in any other game, including games that offer the same scenario.

Not all sunshine and Rainbows.

The main characters are all fully voiced, but many conversations with random NPCs have a repetitive or missing dialogue, and often consist of nomad saying “I need help with this”, followed by your map/quest log updating and “thanks for the help”, all the while the NPC you interact with has said and done absolutely nothing.

This feels a little jarring but does not affect the overall story, which is solid for an open-world game and features some pretty impressive voice acting by the likes of Jon Bernthal and others.

AI is taking over!

The AI Guards and civilians feel organic, and I must confess I considered shooting a panicking civilian to stop him alerting security forces.

While I spared the civilian, it certainly made me move faster, I knew that once security found the slain patrol, I would have to fight my way out, or risk being overwhelmed by superior firepower.

On that note, I have to say the thrill of being chased by a helicopter, and trying to lose pursuit feels better in Breakpoint than it did in Far Cry 5, and I Love Far Cry 5.

That was Fast.

With the lions share of gamers not joining the Breakpoint till the 4th, I am pleasantly surprised how active the multiplayer community is, matches are near-instant, and I have found random squads to be both chatty and competent, a rare combination.

Worth a Play?

Fans of Ubisoft open-world games, 90’s action movies, third-person shooters, and gritty spec ops fiction will also get a kick out of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

I have never played a game that captured the raw spirit of 90’s action movies like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, it makes you feel like the hero you have always secretly wanted to be.

The wide selection of avatars, both male and female, and in almost every ethnicity make this an excellent game for couples to play together.


Yes girls play action games too, my entire gaming clan is female except myself and one other male, girls enjoy shooters just as much as boys.

Available Oct 4th on PC (Uplay, Uplay+ and Epic Game Store), Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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