Review: Rune Classic: A Classic Game of Odd Shaped Booties. PC

Rune Classic is from that unique era of pc gaming where butts were either square or incredibly round, rune manages to capture both of these elements in one game, the main character Ragnar has a thicc buttocks that would make the Kardashians jealous.

It appears that the main characters butt got all of the modellers’ attention, the majority of the NPCs look like deformed playdoh creatures with huge heaving chests and mouths that flap open like drawbridges.

I particularly enjoyed the way everyone mouths flapped up and down like they were muppets, why am I spending so much time talking about the odd models and animations?

Because the game in other regards is excellent for the era and holds up even today, with the exception of combat animations, while overall the combat system works well, its far from the best looking, and you often look as if you are just flailing about, reminiscent of 1999 era Star Wars video games like Phantom Menance and Jedi Power Battles.

I found myself not noticing my Kim K butt or the fact all the NPCs around me looked like their chests would detach from their body when they breathed, the corny voice acting didn’t distract me from what was actually reasonably good narrative, I intend to play through Rune classic before the launch of Rune 2 in November.

Rune Classic is available now on Steam, Rune II Is available for preorder on Epic Game Store.



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