Crying Wolf: Games in 2019 all Suck?! PC

2019 has brought us a wave of really awful games that suck so bad it’s hard to comprehend how developers have become so lazy, so greedy so… oh wait.. its not them its gamers… gamers have become greedy and lazy, now this isn’t all gamers, in fact, its not even all Reddit gamers, its however the vocal ones who just won’t shut up.

It’s Cool To Hate Popular/New Things.

Everyone has seen the meme #FortniteBad. You can barely go anywhere on Reddit without someone attacking Fortnite, despite having a player base into the hundreds of millions and over 80million weekly active players, people continuously like to say it’s terrible, dead or dying, it has become the cool thing to do.

Look at franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Borderlands, Destiny, World of Warcraft, all of these companies/franchises see immense continuing success, but its become the cool thing to attack them at every turn, millions of players who enjoy their games year after year, top-selling records year after year, all this means nothing to Reddit haters who spend half their life living in a fantasy past where game developers didn’t care about money, and all games had near-infinite free content updates.

Rose-coloured Glasses or Stupid Pills?

On the topic of free content updates, I have asked several to list even 1 game from the golden age (90s), that had more than 1-2 patches in total, and so far none have been able to name even a single game, and some have ironically listed disc-based Exspanion packs as patches, despite the expacs often costing almost as much as the base game, this form of disc-based extra content was apparently good, while selling said content in digital form is one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

Bizzare Double Standards.

This subspecies of gamers look back upon games form the 90s/2000s with as much love as any gamer, the problem is, this love has bizarre double standards, Knights of the Old Republic is one of the greatest games in history, I paid £44.99 upon release, and the first playthrough was around 30 hours.

I and many others have amazing memories of this game and in no way feel 30 hours for £44.99 was cheating us, despite accounting for inflation that would be £70 in 2019.

Yet if a game launches in 2019 with a 50+ campaign/story, six multiplayer modes, and season updates for £50 Reddit gamers decry it as greedy and poor value for money.

Blue Streak speeds by, emptying my wallet.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 released in the mid-’90s for £35 (around £69 today) with a 5 hour playthrough time, and fans loved it.

If a Sonic game launched today with 5 hours playtime for that price fans would be after blood, let alone the near £70 it would cost allowing for inflation if you wanted to include Sonic and Knuckles,(the only way to experience the full story with access to all characters and game mechanics) your total cost would be £74 in 1994, (£144.59 today).

No publishers and developers are not more greedy, gamers have become more entitled, and while prices should remain fair and like everyone else I have no burning desire to pay £100+ on a single game, games are no more overpriced today than in the 90s, in fact the 90s was considerably worse accounting for inflation.

A Bizarre Relationship with Steam.

I like steam, I have spent thousands of pounds on steam, just this week I bought 10 steam games including multiple which were £30+, So I am in no way opposed to steam or want it to fail, I like Steam.. and Epic Game Store and GoG, uPlay,, Rockstar launcher, Origin etc.

I would not get mad at McDonalds for not serving me a Burger King Whopper, especially if both places with right next door to each other, it would be my fault for refusing to go next door to get the whopper, same applies to the current hatred of Epic Game Store, with every lie about EGs (Chinese owned, spyware etc.) having been debunked time and time against by independent experts, there is literally no legitimate reason other than OCD, Autism, Aspergers to want all of your games on Steam.

On the topic of OCD, Autism, Aspergers.

I am in no way mocking people with those conditions I have dear friends and loved ones who suffer from OCD, Autism, Aspergers and I have seen first and how they see the world, it is very much within the scope of these conditions to want everything in one place and to hate all others launchers for moving games away from Steam.

I know someone who would go into a violent verbal and physical rage if his sandwich was cut crosswise vs diagonal, this is not normal healthy behaviour of a man in his 40s, however, he is not some thug, he suffers from autism and his mind finds it difficult to process such small changes in his routine.

While I feel great pity for this gentleman, I cannot say that everyone who chooses to eat their sandwich any other way than diagonal are morons, r*tards, scum or any of the other insulting titles steam fanatics place on gamers who simply wish to play games wherever they may be found.

Grind has always been a part of gaming.

For as long as serious gaming has existed there have been ways to grind, the lazy or busy among us have always had ways to bypass grind in the form of being cheat books, magazines or even dedicated cheat cartridges, it was an acceptable subculture of gaming everyone knew about,no one worried about, and it simply existed.

Yet the very presence of the ability to unlock a skin/outfit with real-world money in 2019, despite having zero competitive advantage is seen as near blasphemy by many Reddit gamers

As you tell others, play the game.

Today if a game launches with a time-gated or grind gated item (such as Luke Skywalker requiring roughly 4 weeks of standard gameplay to unlock initially in BF2) Reddit goes into a foaming at the mouth uproar, back in the golden age, such tasks could take months of searching every nook and cranny for secret rooms/collectables to attain the 100% rating needed to unlock the final character,and people never complained.

No developers have not gotten lazy, gamers have.

In closing.

I am in no way implying all people who use Reddit are not true gamers or are unreasonable, nor am I saying every game is good, nor that every developer is good.

I am merely saying you must watch your heart and examine your motives.

Why do you have such foaming hatred for companies/storefronts other than the one you support/buy from?

Why do you feel the need to downvote every person who likes a game/storefront that you don’t?

Why do you support breaking the law(piracy) over buying from the storefront the developer chose to put their game on?

Would you steal a Big Whopper from Burger King just because they don’t sell them in Mcdonalds?

Why do you get so angry if some father of 4 with two jobs pays to skip some pointless element of grind so he can join his buddies at endgame, how does his missing out part of the game he already paid for effect you in any way?

They are the minority.

The Reddit Vocal minority give all Reddit gamers and subreddits a bad name, its time that sensible, mature and reasonable gamers on Reddit let themselves be heard, Reddit gamers are only a small % of gamers, and obnoxious Reddit gamers only a tiny % of Reddit gamers, and yet they are the ones the world sees/hears the most.

Choose your Battles.

When you cry wolf over every petty and pointless non-issue with a game, your voice/opinion is diminished, gamers can and should at times rise up against terrible publisher/developer actions, but raising up every other day over every little thing doesn’t make you look cool, edgy or woke, it makes you look insane.

“So then, in everything treat others the same way you want them to treat you, for this is [the essence of] the Law and the [writings of the] Prophets” Jesus Christ (MATTHEW 7:12)


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