Review: 7 Days to Die: Worth a Play in 2019? PC

It’s about time for an update to our review of 7 Days to Die, so without further delay, is & Days to Die worth playing in 2019?

I won’t rehash things we said in our 2018 review as they all still apply today. Instead, we will focus on changes and improvements to be found in Alpha 18.

I say to myself. It’s a wonderful world.

The random map generation is far more interesting and organic in a18 compared to previous builds, prefabs look more varied, and even small changes like crumbling basements and more diverse furnishing layouts can go a long way to making a map feel immersive.

The map design itself is also better, with landscape looking more natural, and less randomly spat out landscapes purely based on an algorithm.

It’s Unity Engine so…

Character models are still butt ugly, but that can be expected for an indie title, all indie titles using unity engine have hideous looking character models, and while they are ugly, there are plenty to choose from and customise.

The UI is much cleaner than a15-a16, and refinements in a18 have brought it up to par with every survival game on the market, I found the craft interface easy to use and offers little learning curve for those who are already used to crafting in either MMORPG or survival games.

Zombies Are Smarter

While I am not sure having mindless hordes be smart is a good thing scientifically, gameplay-wise the improved zombie AI makes things a lot more interesting, I was pleasantly surprised by being ambushed by a zombie that snuck upstairs and bit me before I even knew she had snuck into my house by an open basement door.

Worth a Play?

7 Days to Die is very much worth a play, both single and multiplayer modes are very well made, and while launch seems far away, jumping in at alpha 18 is a great time to sink your teeth into one of the most beloved (and long-running) survival games on steam.

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