Review: Fortnite : Chapter 2 – A Big Step Forward and Backwards PC

We all know what Fortnite is, and the Blackhole event is old news, and let’s not rehash were Brutes good or bad for the game, let’s look at Chapter 2 and what changed, what left and what’s new!

Bots Fun, Sad Fun.

Its always a good laugh to find a bot, from their stiff movements to poor choice of combat position, Bots are pretty much a free kill and loot source of near-infinite supply.

However, they are also in a way very sad, as even when you win, its an empty feeling, Bots are stupid and play worse than mobile users who never even played any game or used a phone before.

I particularly love how bots sometimes revert to harvesting cycle in the middle of a fight, turning their back to you as they start hitting walls for materials.

I still chuckle every time I see a bot do something stupid, but I cannot help but miss the thrill of defeating a worthy foe.

Less is More.

Fortnite had become too cluttered, and while I enjoyed every seasonal event, the compounded mess that remained was a map that felt disjointed, and at times ugly, a fresh map is a fresh start, and while I would like season based changes, I would prefer if the map reset to how it is now at the start of every season.

This could be explained in Lore by being caught in one of the loops mentioned by the scientist.

Fishing for Compliments.

Chapter 2 brought us a few new gimmicks, one of which is fishing, while its no replacement for the meme potential of bouncers and grapplers, it beats a kick in the butt I suppose.

And on that note, items which shouldn’t have been vaulted.

Bouncers: Allowed for fun trick shots, and had existed in some form even back in Fortnite original season.

Jump Pads: Great for squads and rapid group redeployment, a needed bit of endgame mobility.

Boogie Bomb:  We don’t have many fun/meme items left, and Fortnite was known for these types of items.

In the new additions category, I am happy to see my buddy burst back, and the 2 slot bandage launcher is fantastic, I hope the minigun when it eventually returns is a 2 slot item, to make up for its massive DPs potential vs builds.

All in all, Fortnite is in a better place today than it ever was, and I am excited to see how Chapter 2 unfolds.

Where we Dropping?!

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