Review: Jump Force : Hop, Skip and Jump XBOX

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

I will preface this by saying Jump force is probably the smoothest fighting game I have ever played and for me, the sheer speed and variety of combat moves places it at the top tier of the genre alongside greats like Tekken 7, Streetfighter V and Dead or Alive 6.

Being able to assemble a team of characters, including custom created heroes and quickly swap between them during combat made combat more dynamics and engaging that any of the mainstream fighting games.

The character creator was very fleshed out, and while it had a sorry lack of facial hair, the wide selection of sliders and choices allows you to make a very personalised character, albeit one without much facial hair.

They were as fast as lightning.. kinda.

While the combat was super fast, the number of cutscenes both of the skippable and skippable variety was insane, and with loading screens between each it took me 25 minutes to fight something, and that was with skipping all but 2 of the cutscenes!

The cutscenes, however, are very nice looking, and Unreal Engine once again proves its dominance, the game is pretty and runs smooth as butter on both console and PC.

It sure was exciting.

I must confess while I know Goku from memes most of the characters in the game escape me, I am sure if you love the franchises then you will be thrilled to see everyone, I found I often just felt confused why people had such large foreheads and spoke like they were middle-aged Japanese men, no matter how old they were supposed to be.

Worth a Buy?

The combat is smooth, and the multiplayer on XBOX One at least is somewhat active, no doubt helped by being on the Game Pass.

For me, not being a fan of the characters I wouldn’t have spent full price, but if you love the characters and want an excellent fighting game, you cannot go wrong with Jump Force.

Available now on PC (Windows Store and Steam), PS4 and Xbox One

It’s on GamePass!

Do I prefer XBOX to PC? No, I don’t and never will.

However, I cannot dispute the value of the XBOX Game Pass, with Jump Force and over 100 other games included its a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games for the price of a good beer.

But wait there is more, Xbox Game Pass is now also for the PC.

Finally, I can play all my favourite games from Microsoft on my gaming Pc, Xbox One has its place, but being able to play on my rig? Priceless!

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