Review: Dota Underlords: Ahhh Thats better! PC

In my previous review of Dota Underlords, I was not very impressed, while I could see there was potential for something great, overall the game felt lacking in any real substance beyond the novelty of the genre.

The Big Update!

While it’s hard to nail down any one single improvement to the game, some of the best developments for me were in the area of alliances and passive buffs provided by the Underlords.

The expanded array of alliances between unit types opens up a much wider field of strategy choices and pairings, giving players far greater control over their units, and making the choice of units and pairings more crucial than ever before, matches can be decided by a single right or wrong pairing, a feeling of urgency that the initial builds of Underlords lacked.

The arrival of the Underlords themselves is a gamechanger with a vast array of passive effects and powerful attacks.

They bring a whole other element to the gameplay., one that is not only game-changing but genre-defining.

I also noticed a greater selection of passive and item-based match rewards; these are a nice touch and allow for greater customisation of units and the development of new strategies and counter-strategies.

The combined changed also lend support to more defined trinity roles of Tank, DPS and Healers, coming from an MMORPG background I found this the most exciting aspect of the changes.

If the initial launch had been as feature-complete as Dota Underlords is now after the aptly named “The Big Update.”, I would have reviewed it far differently originally!

Far from the passive boredom I felt during writing my original review, I now want to play Dota Underlords, and find myself queuing up between tasks at work.

If Valve continues to release updates this good, I see Dota Underlords not only living up to its success but surpassing it.

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