Review: Disco Elysium: aka Being High – PC Game Edition PC

Finally a Good Unity Game.

Its been a long dry year in the search for a good or even decent Unity Engine game, and then two astounding ones come along mere months apart, It’s restored my faith in the Unity Engine. It makes me wish more developers knew how to make Unity dance as well as the developers of Disco Elysium.

Choosing the right art style.

The art style for Disco Elysium matches the theme perfectly. Everything looks tacky, dirty washed out and overused, I wouldn’t want to sleep in any bed or eat from any plate in the universe, the entire environment looks decayed and unclean.

Any other art style would fall short of capturing just how vile and messed up the Far future of the 60s is a horrible place where bad people do bad things for bad reasons, and good people do bad things for good reasons.

All Feels Rather Trippy.

Disco Elysium more than any other game makes you question your sanity and even at times the very nature of sanity, with 20 diverse emotions and parts of your brain/personality tugging at you for attention it can make it very difficult to decide which parts of your personality to focus on and which to restrain, with every part of your mind offering its advantages and disadvantages, you will second and even third guess your decisions.

With that being said, the conversation and choice system in this game is astounding and reminiscent of the early 2000s BioWare games, with branching dialogue and outcomes, every playthrough offers something unique and rewarding.

Worth a Buy?

If you wish to play one of the most in-depth and unique role-playing games in existence, you cannot go wrong with Disco Elysium, while its price tag of around £35 may seem high for some, I honestly feel the vast amount of content and clever gameplay mechanics make this Disco Elysium worth the price.

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