Review: CONSORTIUM: Looks like a Game. PC

Consortium is a strange cookie graphics-wise, while most games strive to look realistic, Consortium is supposed to be a game.

Inception! You are playing a game about being trapped in a game.

With that concept in mind, the plastic & dated appearance of all character models makes a little more sense, don’t expect to find even a single character that looks vaguely lifelike.

Keep Talking and Nobody Uninstalls.

The conversation system is very Bioware-esque and the voice acting while not groundbreaking is very solid for a low budget title.

Its this conversation and voice acting that make Consortium stand out in a sea of indie RPGs, without these elements and the quality of these elements, Consortium would be entirely unremarkable.

The plot, while not incredibly deep is engaging enough to keep you interested to the end and the choice based and reactive nature of the narrative, offers some replayability.

This replayability is a needed element as a single playthrough only takes 6 hours.

War and Peace.

The combat mechanics are standard unreal engine affair and are fleshed out enough to move the narrative along but won’t win any awards for innovation.

The ability to bypass almost all combat is a benefit in this regard, as the combat is so unremarkable it feels unrewarding.

Worth a Play?

Consortium played super smooth, and I experienced no bugs or hiccups, and while it’s an older title, fans of the RPG genre will want to give this a try.

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