Review: Tharsis: More Thigh Meat? PC

The gaming ecosystem is filled with dark fantasy titles, yet dark sci-fi titles are few and far between. By dark sci-fi, I don’t mean a sheer gore-filled edgefest, but a haunting and discomforting sci-fi that makes you ponder the morality of man when faced with overwhelming odds.

The first time I faced this choice was when one of the crew died of starvation, unable to produce enough food I decided to cut up his body so the rest may survive until the food module was repaired and operational.

This is only one of many choices, faced with random events and a continually deteriorating ship/station, with too many tasks and too few people to perform them you find yourself trying to maximise the efficiency of your ship, with each crew member having his or her strengths and weaknesses it takes micromanagement to a new level.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see its using unity engine, that’s the 3rd good unity game I have found recently, a significant change of pace from the near flood of awful unity titles I encountered in 2019.

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