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Quick-Review: Deathtrap Dungeon – 21 years of Cringe

I can hardly think of anything when playing this game beyond the awful controls and the ridiculously sexualised characters, there is nothing wrong with sexy looking characters, but when the character looks like something from a bad porno made only to excite 12-year-olds and immature college lads, there is a severe problem with the game.

Playing as a female warrior, I might as well been a stripper, playing as a male I sounded like I had only half a brain left and devoted all my energy to my incredibly well-defined buttcheeks, seriously the butts have more attention to detail than the faces and certainly more than the dismal control scheme.

With capslock for attack key, A for run, enter for Jump and arrows for move it’s far from intuitive, even the traditional E to for interact is replaced with space for some unknown reason.

The characters move like they are drunk and the animations lag like are stuck in taffy, the camera angels suck, and basically, everything that could be wrong with a game appears somewhere in this monstrosity.

An awful game that should remain locked away in the cringy past.


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Platforms: PC

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