Quick-Review: Dungeon Defenders : The Community Endures

Dungeon defenders deserve far more acclaimed than it had ever received. While it maintains a small stable community and one which is very dedicated to the game, its CCU rarely passes 300 off-peak, and hover around 500 at peak times.

While 500 CCU is nothing to sneeze at for an indie game that is pushing eight years old, the extraordinary thing about Dungeon Defenders is the Community Development Team, who has faithfully volunteered to keep the game updated with new features, content and bugfixes, for 4+ years after official support for the title ended.

Players of Dungeon Defenders own a debt of gratitude for their service, the final update to Dungeon Defenders by Community Development Team took released Nov 9th 2019.

How is the Game?

Dungeon Defenders plays like a very high-quality Mario party game with strong elements of tower defence, and a hint of being a third-person looter, while the graphics are very much from the era (2011) the art style helps distract from the dated graphics, and overall the character models are adorable, the sexy elf looks the most amateur of the bunch, the over the top focus on sexuality comes off as campy, and while its played for humour, looks more like something only 12 year old boys would find funny.

Gameplay-wise Dungeon defenders is a perfect combination of tower defence and third-person action title, It’s more enjoyable with friends, but even playing solo, I found myself greatly enjoying the mechanics.

Worth a Buy?

Due to its age, I would wait for a sale or look into Dungeon Defenders 2 for the slightly larger CCU, that being, Fans of the tower defence genre will not regret this purchase, even at full retail.

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Platforms: PC

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