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Review: Dungeon Defenders II – Now With Extra Sprinkles.

My review of Dungeon Defenders heaped praise upon the first instalment of the series, and every point I made for Dungeon Defenders stands, however, the improvements made in Dungeon Defenders II improve upon the series in every way, from more modern graphics to better combat, its taken what was already an excellent product and kicked it into high gear.

Key Improvements.


Building (green in Df2) manner is now more natural to come by and has a far higher cap, allowing you to build some truly impressive defences, rows of canons and spikey walls can slow down even the most determined enemies.


Mobs have seen a significant AI and graphical overhaul, as well as seeing new units entering their ranks, from flying drakes to fearsome orges, there is a much more extensive selection of enemies in Dungeon Defenders II, some of which feeling more like bosses from MMORPGs, requiring coordinated attacks from players/defences.


Player characters have seen a drastic overhaul, with new combat animations and the ability to quickly hop between classes without losing your player level is a massive boon to the flow of combat, I love playing as the Knight, but enjoy swapping to the apprentice for some long-ranged casting once my defences are set up.

Combat itself plays out far smoother than in Dungeon Defenders, and the character models themselves are vastly more diverse and now less comically sexy than in Dungeon Defenders, the huntress while still a typical fantasy hot elf, no longer looks like a leisure suit larry character! Yay!

Worth a Play?

Dungeon Defenders II takes everything we loved about Dungeon Defenders and ramps it up to 10, it’s a fantastic game that is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

Available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam), and IOS.

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Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

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