, Is This Land Is My Land, Worth Playing ?

Is This Land Is My Land, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

This Land Is My Land is an exceptional game, and I am delighted to have received a review key from the developers, it’s right up my alley and gives me vibes of games like Mount and Blade Warband, Farcry and more.

This Land Is My Land is built on Unity Engine, but surprisingly isn’t awful, it’s one of the better-looking Unity games I have played, The character models wouldn’t look out of place in a AAA title.

How does it Play?

The gameplay mechanics are not explained very well. Still, you can pick them up with a bit of trial and error, the gameplay loop in early access mostly consists of scaring off (good) or slaying(evil) settlers and reclaiming your home, I know some view this as controversial as the Native Americans are always the “savages” in most wild west game,s but this was historically and empathically untrue, while there were some tribes/chiefs who were barbaric, the same could be said about some leaders/groups on the settlers’ side of the war.

The world design is ok but is not as high quality as the character models. Its decidedly above average but not brilliant, it feels repetitive and in places inorganic.

The gameplay cycle is excellent with triumphant foes being harder to defeat next encounter, very much reminiscent of the Shadow of Mordor nemesis system.

The camp system is basic but functional and gives you some settlement management functions, including the mass production of weapons and ammo.

Horses look great, sound great and overall feel great, and while not exactly Red Dead Redemption  2 level of detail, they use some of the best looking horse animations I have encountered on PC.

Not all Rainbows and Cookies.

The stealth aspect is hit and miss, settlers seem to be near Jedi and can see through walls, and directly behind them at times, while at other times don’t notice me 6ft in front of them, undoubtedly in time the developers will refine this system alongside the rest.

NPCs suffer from rather bizarre pathing issues, and wagons seem to enjoy driving into tents and houses, getting themselves eternally stuck, native warriors and settlers also love to engage in comically long-distance duels, where the bullets/arrows never come close to making contact.

I encountered two flying buffalo and one of that performed tumbles with the skill of an Olympic gymnast.

Combat at times doesn’t make sense, one foe died to an arrow headshot (makes sense) the next foe, despite being the same level took 27 arrows to bring him down, he looked like a blood-covered porcupine and yet just kept shooting.

The final issue I faced was a very nasty lock up that required I hard reset my pc. However, I encountered this only once in multiple hours of play.

Worth a Buy?

All in all its an excellent game that is not ready for a full release, anyone who can grasp that Early access means “it’s not ready yet” will get their money worth and more even at this early stage, those wanting a complete and polished experience would be better served by waiting for the full launch.


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