AutoChess: Better than Dota UnderLords?

Hands down AutoChess would be far easier to pick up than Dota Underlords if not for two major issues.

The first issue is the community seems almost entirely Chinese speaking, I have yet to encounter a single non-Chinese player, so for non-Chinese speakers, there is little to no form of community or in-game chat/banter.

The second is the constant disconnects and reconnects. I am talking nonstop, I suffered through 30+ disconnects in 70 minutes, and while I could reconnect and rejoin my match within seconds, it was annoying to have to keep doing so, especially as it cut into my decision and recruitment time between matches.

Why is it Easier?

I am new to the auto chess genre, and as such, I have the rare chance to approach the genre as a newcomer, something I don’t get to experience in most genres, and especially not in any other PvP focused genres.

While I was able to grasp the basics of Dota Underlords fairly quickly, playing Autochess was a far more straightforward affair, with the UI clearly displaying active racial and class bonuses, also having some idea of the competition of my opponent allowed me to create strategies around them, the live map showing starting placement of opponents units also gave a chance to plan and recruit accordingly.

I found it far easier to level up my units due to the interface highlighting opportunities for rank up.

This feature was especially useful when I was multitasking, as it’s easy to miss a solid recruitment chance while distracted.

Looking Good.

The art style is more colourful than Underlords and appeals to a wide range of players from hardcore AutoChess fans to casuals and children.

Personally, the brighter and less depressing aesthetic and quicker match times sets AutoChess as one of my favourite titles in the small but growing genre, given time and with its server connectivity and community woes death with, I see it becoming the; largest game in the genre, very much like Fortnite has claimed that title for the Battle Royale genre.

Shake what your momma err… Fortnite gave you.

A crossover with Fortnite would be excellent PR, I can see Fortnite inspired avatars selling like hotcakes in Autochess, and some of the current Autochess avatars would be very popular in Fortnite as pets, especially the cute little red dog, dragon uhh thing…

Overall a solid 3.5/5, not there yet, but it’s going to get there.

Available now on Epic Game Store.

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