, Is Outlaws of the Old West, Worth Playing  in 2019?

Is Outlaws of the Old West, Worth Playing in 2019?

Platforms: PC

Dedicated Developers.

Outlaws of the Old West is clinging to life, and while the dedication of the developers is admirable and updates continue to flow, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to steam in a matter of days and major Ark Survival Evolved DLC launching soon, it will see a strain on its regular userbase as fans of the wild west genre, wild west pvp, and survival genres flock to other titles.

It’s a real shame, out of all the small indie survival games Outlaws of the Old West has the most care and attention by its developers.

While the trail isn’t over for Outlaws just yet, it’s undoubtedly nearing, and it is only a matter of time till the developers are forced to work on new projects for financial reasons.

Everybody do the Electric Slide.

Official servers are plagued by rubber banding as I have never seen before, unlike on single-player mode or private servers, Bandits will teleport around the map, shoot though walls and at times slide not moving for massive distances, shooting with their arms flat at their sides and dodging even direct shot to the chest, due to poor server performance.

If you can find an excellent server, you will not have these issues you will find relatively good performance on private servers when compared to other survival games.

No Real Progression.

Unlike most survival games Outlaws of the Old West hides no crafting recipes behind a level or XP grind, and while this sounds like a refreshing change of pace, it isn’t,

Let’s take Ark Survival evolved, for example.

  1. Punch Trees & Gather Rocks
  2. Stone Axe
  3. Harvest Flint
  4. Stone Pick
  5. Stone Spear
  6. Basic Bow
  7. Harvest Iron
  8. Build Forge/Furnace
  9. Smelt Ingots
  10. Use basic bow for 10-20 levels
  11. Create a Basic Firearm
  12. Use basic firearm for 10-20 levels
  13. Create Basic Assault Rifles
  14. Use  basic assault rifle until the early endgame
  15. Create Tek Weapons
  16. Create High-Quality Weapons
  17. High-end Endgame Ready

And Compare it to Outlaws of the Old West.

  1. Gather Sticks and Stones
  2. Craft Tools
  3. Mine Ore and Wood
  4. Craft Tool & Gunsmith Tables
  5. Create Iron Tools
  6. Create Ball Pistol and Ammo
  7. Kill 9-10 Bandits (roughly three camps)
  8. Sell their weapons to NPC vendor
  9. Buy High Tier Weapons
  10. High-end Endgame Ready

Ark Survivals steps can take anywhere from 20 to 50 hours, and everything on Outlaws can be done in less than 3 hours, and most of the steps completed within 10 minutes, the only time delay caused by seeking out the Bandits

The ease of buying weapons & gear greatly amplify the lack of importance placed on owning a base has reduced bases to a vanity item, the landscape is scattered with craft tables which anyone can access and overall it feels pointless to invest in anything more than a safe hidden in a bush or failing that just use one of the NPC banks to hold your cash.

Rank amateurs can tame horses in seconds on their first try, and even mustangs are very easy to tame, overall there is no real challenge to progress in Outlaws of The Old West.

Closing Thoughts.

It’s a fun game to play for role players if you find a private server, official servers are a laggy mess and undoubtedly hamper the games chance of success, laggy official servers are often what new players first see, and their reaction to it shows in the low ccu, sub 300 for most of the day even on weekends.

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