Game Guide: 10 Lower Blackrock Spire Runs: Loot Tally

On this site, I will refrain from listing the value of items except for raw gold/vendor gold as every server is different, and I don’t wish to give people the wrong idea.

Dungeon: Lower Blackrock Spire.

Time for 10 Clears: 2 minutes per run on average.

Raw Gold + Vendor Greys, Soulbound and Junk: 223g

Dungeon Farming Potential: High


  • 2 x Mithril Lockbox
  • 1 x Thorium Lockbox

Crafting Materials

  • 907 x Rune Cloth
  • 50 x Red Wolf Meat
  • 20 x Powerful Mojo
  • 60 x Tender Wolf Meat
  • Various single-digit crafting materials.

Plans & Patterns

  • Pattern: Mooncloth Bag
  • 3+ Very Low-Value Patterns

Transmog & Pets

  • Imbued Plate Greaves
  • 15+ Low-Medium Value Green Tmogs

Best Item

  • Pattern: Mooncloth Bag
  • Imbued Plate Greaves
  • 20 x Powerful Mojo


Lower Blackrock Spire Runs can be run multiple ways from short 2 man routes like mine to full clears, personally I opted for the short route as I feel it provides the best farming potential, and while the raw gold per run is rather low at 23g per clear, each run dropped 2 Powerful Mojo which has a median value of 50g, in theory between that and the 100 run cloth that dropped per run, you are looking at around 125g every 2 minutes, not including the transmog drops, which were unremarkable in my case.

I have posted the route I took down below, which takes between 1.55 and 2 mins, there are an abundance of locked chests in this instance, something those with lockpicking may wish to check out, most runs I saw 2-3 chests along the route below.

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