Quick-Review: Hell Let Loose – Squad’s Foxy Granddad.

The perceptive among you will notice this is an almost exact copy of my Squad Review, and you are right, Hell Let Loose shares the same good and bad points as Squad, including the insufferable elitist elements of the community.

Not so much a Game as a Simulation.

Hell Let Loose is the WW2 Mil-Sim fanatics dream come true, the selection of weapons is impressive and each handle differently, like their real-world counterparts, with more realistic reload and recoil system each shot counts, battles feel more like a fight for you life than a game, squad chatter over the VoIP, the roar of heavy weapons fire, often I could hardly hear the squad leader over the fire exchanged between my squads position and the enemies which had us pinned down.

That being said it’s not the type of game someone more into Call of Duty style shooters would enjoy, its more tactical, less bunny hop murder frenzy, and more rainbow siege six tactical but on a much larger scale.

Serious Business here!

While some of the community are very welcoming of new players, the majority want only skilled players in their squads, and some are downright hostile to the level of actually acting hostile to new players and those playing on the free weekends, this is sadly the type of behaviour that stints a games growth.

Except for free weekends this game hovers around 1-2k at peak hours, with a 500 average off-peak and that is frankly a pity, as the game looks, feels, sounds and responds brilliantly.

Worth a Play?

If you want a CoD or Battlefield type game then no, you won’t like this, however, if you want an in-depth mil-sim experience which has good replay value, then yes you will greatly enjoy Hell Let Loose.

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Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

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