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Quick-Review: Inquistor – Aged Like Cheap Wine.

Inquisitor plays like an elderly Diablo 3 with aesthetics of the early 2000s, and for excellent reason, despite releasing in 2012, it was in development since 2002 according to the developers, and the UI and engine performance expected from a game that is close to 17 years old (including development time).

However, dated aspects aside it is a surprisingly rich CRPG which harkens back to classics like Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate II.

Fans of the aforementioned games or classic CRPGs, in general, will get a lot of enjoyment from the “true to genre” gameplay mechanics, and the while the graphics look like sprites made in 2002, I didn’t find they distracted from gameplay, they felt authentic to the genre and despite being dated are well made and in their own way charming.

The game is text-heavy which for me is a huge plus, however for those who skip all dialogue you won’t get the full enjoyment out of the title.

I love the focus on being an inquisitor and using your office to force confessions, by means that are not always the most moral, games which give you morality choices are some of the most complex and enjoyable, and Inquisitor handles this perfectly.

The story is surprisingly good and would stand on its own two feet, something many game narratives could not accomplish.

Overall its a dated but well made CPG and one that fans of the genre will not want to miss.

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