Review: Top 10 Shame Worthy Games PC

Some games are so bad they should go stand in the corner, below are ten of our favourite “least-favourite” games on steam!

1) The Chronicles of King Arthur Episode 1 Excalibur

Basically its candy crush on steam and while that is not overly bad in and of itself the genre is pretty much the domain of free apps for phones and adware filled flash arcade websites, while it has somewhat decent 2D art, the diabolical voice acting removes what few points this title could have been given, a decent effort by what sounds like young devs (from the voice acting) but overall it’s simply not a very good or interesting title and one which I could not recommend

2) Greyfox

A sexy pig in a dress is still a pig in a dress, and while Greyfox RPG is a decent RPG maker game, it is still an RPGmaker game, and as such will suck in all the same places, the devs clearly have some talent , the 2D art shows some effort on their part and overall is nice looking, however errors such as taking a screenshot (f12) crashing the game isn’t exactly a sign of good development and give the impression the game is a hodge-podge of copy and pasted scripts slapped together with little knowledge of the game engine by the developers.

3) Guts and glory

I am not opposed to blood or violence in a video game, I play a lot of shooters, but that my friend is war-themed games, my idea of a good time doesn’t include seeing families and children bloody and mangled, the basic concept of the game is actually decent, a wacky vehicle speed run, however including bloody and mangled death animations for children and babies is just plain tacky, and to me makes this game only fit for the sick and disturbed or edge-lords.

4) Bubble Ghost

I actually don’t mind really retro games I feel all era of gaming history have something to offer us, that being said this game simply was a pain to launch with 3 barley explained menu options 2 of which simply wouldn’t work on a new rig and the third having weird graphical artifacts, a constant bizarre crackling sound, and a mouse controls which were not only super fast but near impossible to control, I give this game a 1/10 for a terrible port of what could have been a fun classic title.

5) Death Toll

The game concept sounded cool, in the way it sounds a good idea to Chugg a bottle of cheap vodka, sure its a thrill for a minute or so, but after the grim reality of what you just did dawns on you as your insides burn, and your head swims, well that is as close to this game as I can imagine, with the ability for players to use all sorts of vehicles in a Br that are as severely overpowered as single player “Rambo” variants it was clear the thrill would never be there for most people, and so after a dismal launch the game quickly died, bonus points however for this being the first game where the main menu says the game is “closed right now, but to check back soon!” LOL 

6) Corporate Machine

The only real reason to play this is nostalgia, while combat-focused strategy games have barely improved, and at times regressed since the 90s, economic strategy games have flourished and the games you can purchase today are often far better than our rose-tinted memories of games like Corporate Machine

7) Drink’em

The closest to Wii shovelware we have on the pc, the Wii had some great party games, and some which were 4th rate trash, this is of the latter variety, a terrible game that you would need to be drunk to enjoy, it is also amusing that “solo mode” requires two players…

8) Carribean!: Blood and gold

As someone who thinks Mount and Blade Warband is one of the greatest indie games ever released, I have to say this is hot garbage, from the dismal first release to its much better (but still not good) re-release, the game feels like a lousy mod of mount and blade, the addition of really poorly done nudity seems little more than a desperate attempt to grab the attention of perverts/meme creators/12-year-olds? Seriously who would want to look at poorly rendered pointy pixel boobs?

It cheapens an already struggling game and makes the whole thing seem amateurish.

9) Titans: Dawn of Tribes

From its struggling start as Voodoo, to its struggling present titans has always felt frankly unprofessional at best, the type of game you get in a  42 games for a dollar bundle at Indiegala, while at maxed specs it runs super smooth, the map feels empty and looks like a high school animation class project, while less janky than the map, the character animations fared little better, I often found myself nearly hovering across the map, with no real feeling of actually walking, running or jumping.

The devs and community would be better served if this title simply went away, as it has no chance to compete against even the most poorly performing of new survival titles.

10) Osiris: New Dawn

Doomed from day one, overpriced and little content Osiris: New Dawn never even enjoyed the usual post-launch surge of players most survival games get, with a launch ccu of sub 5k players that evaporated to around 1k within weeks, the writing was on the wall for Osiris: New Dawn, while the game is graphically solid, and mechanics while not jaw-dropping are decent, with a tiny CCU, today there were 2 players EU wide when I tried to play, (split between several empty EU servers) other regions also had only single-digit players online, in short this game is a failed multiplayer experiment and should be removed from Steam, and while it is not bad, the singleplayer mode of Osiris: New Dawn is vastly outclassed by other games like No Mans Sky and Satisfactory.

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