, Farewell for 2019: What Comes Next

Farewell for 2019: What Comes Next

2019 has been a great year, with over 275 reviews and editorials posted, a brand new custom website design and the official launch of our mascot.

I am really looking forward to a Christmas break, starting on the 24th scheduled posts will appear every 2-3 days until the 12th January when I will be returning to work, let’s look back at some of the triumphs and failures of 2019.


2019 saw the launch of our popular Let’s Be Honest column, the return of our top 10 lists, the launch of our World of Warcraft Dungeon guide and Raw Gold Chart, helping wow players of all experience levels to rake in the gold like a mini Smaug the dragon, in 2020 we will be moving onto the burning crusade dungeons and beyond, as well as launching a monthly gold making guide.


2019 was a year of rapid growth, and some important areas of the site fell behind, key PC game launches such as Greedfall & Code Vien were missed entirely despite preordering the games, and Xbox reviews languished towards the end of 2019 as work ramped up on the website redesign, in 202 we will have far more regular and scheduled content, including weekly Xbox, Ps4 and Pc reviews.

Looking Forward

2020 will bring us a selection of new columns including Pulse Check, That Ended Badly, and Better Late than Never, more information about these new columns will be forthcoming in the new year.

We will also be expanding into game guides, our early tests have performed well, and we hope to help players get fats starts in MMORPG and survival games with our easy to follow guides for MMORPG and Survival Games.

See you all in 2020! Have a great Christmas!

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