Game Guide: Conan Exiles Fast Start Guide

This guide is not the fastest, nor the most efficient guide, however, its the fastest efficient guide you will find online.

It is a balance between speed and efficiency that will set you off on firm footing, allowing you to begin your true adventures in Conan Exiles.

This guide is based on standard rates. However, I suggest finding a server with at least 2-5x rates to cut out some of the tedious grinds.

The First Hour: The Basics

First Steps.

Your priority upon entering the exiled lands is harvest like mad, grab every rock, branch, and fibre you can find, its a primary source of XP that should see you level 2 before you reach the end of the road,  F3, G3 or H3 are all suitable places for your first shelter.

I suggest G3 as its closer to our next waypoint, in addition to having a decent supply of wood, rock, meat and hides.

Its time to spend your points, place all your attribute points into endurance or grit until you hit the first perk of each, this applies for the entire guide, after they reach the first perk I would do the same for agility and vitality, afterwards, you should assign points based on your chosen build, but the first perk in these traits are worth grabbing.

As for Feats, you want to learn Apprentice Mason, Apprentice Butcher, Stone Tools, Warrior, and Survivalist.

By now you should have enough resources to craft a Stone Pick and a Stone Axe, use those to gather some more branches and stone, and build yourself a Stone Sword and Stone Skinning Knife, next its time to join civilisation and pout on some clothes, craft the basic fibre clothes set (pants, shirt, slippers and gloves).

Congratulations you are no longer naked and afraid, you are now clothed and afraid.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your journey quests, some are amazingly easy to do, such as eat or dodge, and they provide some hefty early game XP.

I hate sand, its course, rough… and irritating.

Sandstorms are your most dangerous foe this early in the game, its time to put those Apprentice mason skills to good use, build 1 Sandstone Foundation, 3 Sandstone Walls, 1 Sandstone DoorFrame, 1 Sandstone Ceiling and a Wooden Door.

At this time make a bedroll, you will need a respawn point that’s not way back in the cursed sands we will never again need to go back into that empty void!

Assemble your clubhouse. It’s pretty simple, put down the foundation and place the walls, doorway, ceiling and door, put your sleeping bag in the tiny hut and shut the door.

Explanation: While pathetic looking, this hut will save your life if being chased by a powerful enemy/enemies as well as protect you from sandstorms.

I killed them all, not just the men…

It’s time to get some resources, harvest every source of plant fibre you can and turn 80% of it into twine,  the same applies for wood and stones, we need XP and its a good way to stockpile early resources, if you get encumbered learn Boxmaker and craft a basic box, its a great way to store heavy materials and awards XP as part of your journey quest chain.

Pro Tip: Make sure to hold interact on the box and set it to locked. This will stop other players from opening your box and taking its contents.

Its time to go hunting, Imps, Low-Level Exiles, and Kappa make great sources of hide, Kill, Skin, Repeat.

Once you are around level 10, learn blacksmithing and craft a Furnace for later use, gather your most essential belongings its time to head north.

First Steps into a larger world.

Make your way to the south side of G5. You will find several iron nodes and many rock nodes at the top of a slope. This area will be your second shelter, craft parts needed to duplicate your earlier clubhouse + bedroll and place down the furnace, toss all leftover stone into the furnace, and begin harvesting the iron nodes, depositing the iron ore into the furnace.

Pro Tip: This area has higher tier exiles, natives, rocknose monsters, hyena, and ostriches, at this level you can 1v1 most of these, but be prepared to die, luckily your bag allows you to respawn close, and its good XP and combat practice!

Following the cliff wall to the east side of G5 you will find coal node,s harvest 50-100 pieces of coal and return to your furnace and fire it up, now it’s a waiting game, I suggest harvesting more iron ore, stone and hides, we will need a lot of these for the next tier, so might as well get a headstart!

Closer shave there never was.

By now you should be Level 12-13 and are slowly getting better at combat, it’s a good idea to spend some time farming/forging enough materials to craft 15 sandstone foundations, a tanners bench, carpenters bench, blacksmith bench and after learning the Armorer feat, an Armorer’s bench.

Place down your 15 foundations in a 5×3 rectangle. This will be the foundation of your first functional base!

Pro Tip: This stage is a lot of grinding, and it’s mostly farming with occasional spats of combat if you want to avoid monotony you could hunt some more dangerous foes like smaller crocodiles(not the bosses!”).

This stage of your warrior life is full of close shaves, close defeats, and running like a coward, mixed in among the growing collection of small victories.

As you progress PvE foes will provide less challenge, while endgame enemies are far more potent than early game foes, your power grows at a faster rate than theirs, and the 10-20 level range 1v1 NPC/Beasts will kill you about 50% of the time if you don’t take advantage of your dodging, blocking etc., while it’s possible to die to NPCs at higher levels, it’s rarely in 1v1 combat.

Looking Good, Feeling Good.

Its time to craft some decent armour, light armour mostly uses a lot of twine and hide, so it’s a good idea to have around 150 of each, any style of light armour works. Still, for those who own DLC choose your favourite style light armour, I love the Aquilonian Scout armour (Jewel of the West DLC), but any light armour works.

If you kept moving at a good pace, the first part of this guide would have taken you about 1 hour.

The Second Hour: Becoming Iron Man

The second hour is filled with three main activities once you finish making an Iron Pick (first priority), the goal of this hour is to upgrade all your tools and weapons to iron, as well as stockpile Iron Ingots, Bricks and Leather for your future adventures.

Both Harvesting and Combat are significantly faster due to iron tools & weapons, and a full circuit of the G5 area will now net you around 300 iron ore, vs the 80-90 previously possible with stone tools.

By the end of this hour, you will be in a possible to start raising pets and capturing thralls, what you do from here on is up to you if you kept a good pace you should be around level 22 by the end of the second hour and have a decent stock of materials to build your base.

To infinity and What Comes After.

The 20s is mostly a resource and XP grind level zone.

You want to get to 30 as soon as possible to begin making steel tools and weapons, which are game-changing better than anything before it.

This guide is based on standard rates, but I suggest playing on a boosted server, this guide will still work great there as a guideline, allowing you to jump right into mid-game/end game content far quicker than winging it!


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