, Is Banner of the Maid, Worth Playing ?

Is Banner of the Maid, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

So Close, But Nope.

Banner of the Maid has a fantastic pixel art style, and the 2D art is of exceptionally high quality, the combat animations look great, and the gameplay is a solid homage to Fire Emblem, the problem is, it’s oversexed Weeb garbage which puts an enormous emphasis on giant exposed breasts, it ruins what could have been a solid alternative history and turns it into cringy anime softcore.

A Great Tale With Too Much Tail.

The story, despite being an obvious translation was pretty solid and easy to follow, and I actually enjoyed it a fair deal, the alternative take on the french revolution was nice to see, as its a time period that few games go into in any great detail.

However, everything was flooded out by masses of cleavage, military uniforms looked amazing on guys, and more like porn costumes on females, it really let down the game and for me makes it unplayable due to cringe factor.

Worth a Buy?

Honestly, for most gamers this would be far too cringy, weebs will like it, and those who are into softcore games.

A solid game was ruined by excessive fan service, a patch to remove the most blatant of it would be great for those of us, who aren’t 12 years old or perverts,

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