, Is Firestone Idle RPG, Worth Playing ?

Is Firestone Idle RPG, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Firestone Idle RPG is a far prettier version of the idle games that mobile users gobble up like gumdrops and offers gameplay mechanics that offer nothing that its uglier cousins don’t already provide, the entire genre is bizarrely addicting, and it’s that addiction that the game developers count on to drive MTX.

The gameplay loop consists of using your fairy-like character to destroy a few enemies, then slowly but surely building up a squad of AI heroes to do the dirty work for you, all the while collecting gold coins and using it to upgrade your forces, so they can kill harder enemies, and gain more gold.. allowing them to.. yeah you get it.. its a pointless progression that is oddly addicting, even I found myself logging on to see how my heroes were doing.. despite knowing how useless it all was.

I almost become a Whale.

For a brief, fleeting moment, I considered buying a small currency MTX to speed up my gold gain, even though my mind deep down knew it was pointless, my dislike of such tactics and common sense stopped my purchase, but for those with addiction to MTX or weak wills, it could be an experience F2P game.

While it’s far less predatory than some, the reset mechanics encourages the purchase of in-game currency to avoid losing all your progress, its possible to progress without it, but it’s certainly very tempting.

As mobile-monetisation goes, it’s not as predatory as some and overall is rather mild for the genre, but it’s certainly a danger to gamers with MTX addiction or exhibit weak will/impulse purchases.

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