Review: This Is the Police PC

This Is the Police captures the gritty essence of every 80s cop show you have ever seen and pulls all this off using graphics that are so simple,m the only step beneath them is still finger puppets.

Minimalist Elegance.

The art style employed by This Is the Police is exceptionally minimalist and certainly isn’t for everyone, I found it charming, and its simplicity allowed me to focus on the decisions I had to make, and helped me avoid getting distracted by the beauty of the world I was playing in.

It felt very much like being a part of a comic book, and the simple, clean lines and illustrations paired perfectly with the grime filled world of being a corrupt cop.

Immersion Factor & Mechanical Simplicity.

The gameplay was not all that impressive, and honestly, it’s pretty forgettable, taking the form of a very simple (human) resource management simulation, what makes This Is the Police truly stand out is the well written and fully voiced dialogue that pulls you into the dark and dangerous world full of crime and betrayal.

Choices I made had consequences, some evident immediately and others only after further twists unfolded, In my playthrough, my choices resulted in the death of 3 people, who didn’t deserve their fate, well two didn’t anyway.

Worth a Buy?

Fans of crime drama will want to grab this game, fans of minimalist game design will find this right up their alley, others, however, may want to look up the gameplay as its certainly not a game with widespread appeal.

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