Quick-Review: Bright Memory(Early Access)

Bright Memory is a gorgeous tech demo, but for those wanting a full game, it’s not happening, at least not with what you have already paid for.

Bright Memory Episode 1 is now a separate project from Bright Memory: Infinite, there will be no full game to be had with your current purchase to experience all Bright memory has to offer you must rebuy the new title.

It’s a Solid Concept.

The gunplay is fantastic; the magical spells/abilities feel good. They are on par with AAA games like Skyrim. The graphics take great advantage of Unreal Engine 4, its a quality concept that the developer has put a lot of effort into.

I must be honest the price is fair, and the quality is exceptional. Still, I cannot recommend the current game as I feel this business model is deceptive, it takes money from one group of backers for what is in all intents and purposes a tech demo, to fund the full title, which will then be sold back to them separately.

The old switcharoo

This switcharoo was not made clear upon the original purchase of the early access title.

If this had been made clear, I would have still bought it, as I like the gameplay concept, however as its stands I feel it should have been made clear from Day 1 this would be the business model employ.

I do not feel the developer was being dishonest, rather simply inexperienced in business matters, I wish them well with Bright Memory Infinite, but cannot recommend this Early Access version is purchased.


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Platforms: PC

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