Review: Ducktales Remastered – Nice While it Lasted. PC

Ducktales was one of my favourite shows growing up, every Saturday morning I would watch it, and then every Saturday evening rewatch my VHS recording with my family, it was a huge part of childhood, so I was thrilled when my Ducktales Remastered released on steam.

The gameplay is authentic to the original 1989 Ducktales game with very few mechanical changes.

Graphically the game looks just like a modern-day cartoon, which while lacking some of the charms from the original TV show, lines up nicely with the 2017 reboot.

Sadly unlike every episode of Ducktales, there won’t be a happy ending for those wanting to buy this gorgeous platformer, as the developers have pulled it from all digital storefronts, its believed the rights will not be renewed and apart from third party key sites and boxed copies, there is no way for gamers to get hold of Ducktales Remastered easily.

*sad woo hoo noises*

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