Review: Alien Squatter PC

Alien Squatter feels like what an open-world survival RPG would look like if it released in the early days of SNES, with simplistic hunger/energy mechanics.

The gameplay loop consists of exploring the slums around your home for food and supplies, as well as gaining experience and skills by completing random events which often take the form fight/flee combat.

It’s a simple system but one which I feel works in this instance.

It’s a Wonderful, albeit slightly Weird World.

Alien Squatter offers a vast array of weird and wonderful NPC races, as well as a smaller selection of races for playable characters, each race offering its buffs and debuffs.

Upon creating a character, you must select your strongest and weakest attributes, this reminded me very much of the sonic adventure books from the 1990s, and I enjoyed this aspect greatly.

The “windows paint pixel art” aesthetic is not for everyone, and the shunning of WASD for arrow keys felt somewhat awkward, it’s a game that would play better with a controller in my opinion.

Overall it’s a fun and vibrant game, and one which has more depth than its simplistic appearance would lead you to believe.

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