Quick-Review: The Darkside Detective – Has it where it counts.

The Darkside Detective is one of the rare games that can distract you from its near ancient graphic style in a few seconds by its premise, and presentation of mechanics, on paper The Darkside Detective, is like any other point and click mystery still.

However, the similarities end there, with witty dialogue and plenty of detective show tropes, and buddy cop banter.

I found myself not noticing 1) the early 90s art style, 2) it was from the point and click genre, a genre that I have no real love for, and barely tolerate.

The investigative side of the game plays out like a vintage LA Noir, and the puzzles while not mind-bending, require some thinking outside of the box, finding ways to combine items and evidence to solve the mysteries.

A little dark, but that is to be expected.

On the topic of mysteries, some may be offended by the dark nature of the mysteries, and sexual inuendos do appear in some of the mysteries dialogue if you cannot overlook/ignore such elements this may not be the game for you.

If these elements don’t bother you, or you can let them go over your head, you will find a fun homage to 1990s point and click games, with witty dialogue and clever puzzle mechanics that rival or surpass any of the games from the same era.

PS I did find the music a tad annoying, but I just don’t like that midi vibe.. sorry devs but Civilisation 1 gave me all I ever could want of that tin like quality.

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