Review: God of War – Boy Learn Your Place PS4

A Mythical Adventure into Norse Mythology.

The story of God of war is a sweeping tale of gods, demons, vengeance, and multiple magical realms, its story of epic heroes and self-discovery told via cut scenes paired gorgeous combat and explorative gameplay, the voice acting is cinematic level, and the animations are some of the most realistic to come from the last decade.

The world feels rich and vibrant, with immense attention to detail, from sweeping scenic views to the crumbling stone of dusty tombs, the world as a whole looks lived in, and even background events such as the dark elf massacre at Alfheim which offers no direct narrative benefit takes place in stunning emotive detail.

I know next to nothing about the lore of light and dark elves in Alfheim outside of the lore that God of War itself provides, but I could not help but feel sympathy for the light elves. Clearly, the war was in its final stages, and in this instance, they had lost to their enemies.

A Story of Family and Heritage.

While all the sweeping elements of the narrative are important, the true meat and bones of the story are one of a father who regrets his past, and a son who strives to earn his father approval, of a small family unit struggling to bond after losing the one person (Faye) that bound together father and son.

The Kratos we see here is not the lustful killing machine of the earlier titles in the series, and while Kratos certainly does a fair bit of killing, his marriage to Faye and the birth of his son Atreus certainly had a huge effect on the God of War.

Worth a Buy?

Honestly yes its that good, I am even considering buying a Playstation 4 console to play the game some more, as its no longer on the Psnow service, only the pending release of PS5 is holding me back from that purchase!

If you own a PS4 and haven’t played this game, you are missing out, with silky smooth graphics, gorgeous flowing combat and a narrative that surpasses most that Hollywood puts out, its a true classic of the last decade, and one that will be viewed as a classic for decades to come.

Playstation Now

Sadly God of War has rotated off the PlayStation now service for the time being, and while it’s sure to return eventually, it’s not currently playable on PSNow for PC. However, the early God of War games are all playable on PC via PSNow, a fantastic service that allows access to over 800 games available now on PC and Ps4 consoles.

With new games added each month, PSnow is fantastic value for gamers of all ages and interests. I am currently enjoying Uncharted Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn on PSnow, both games available till April 2020 as part of the Psnow subscription.

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