, Is Half-life, Worth Playing ?

Is Half-life, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Half-Life is over 21 years old and still feels good enough to play today without nostalgia goggles.

A blast from the past.

Upon booting up Half-Life, warm memories of Dark Forces and Dark Forces II Jedi spring to the surface, this era was the golden age of single-player games, as well as the start of what was to become the age of multiplayer games.

Due to companies like AOL making the net more accessible, more and more people were connecting for the first time to the new & mysterious world wide web, with such an influx of people more and more games began to establish themselves as multiplayer titles, and Half-Life established itself as part of that market right away.

Twenty years on people still beg Gabe for Half-Life 3 and the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx resulted in VR headsets selling out from multiple vendors, many of which are still on backorder two months after the title’s announcement.

How Does it Play?

Half-Life plays like a shooter from the 90s, and in no way breaks the mould of that era, its a clunky and at times frustrating series of hallways, switches and rudimentary puzzles to open doors that are “suddenly not functional” a trope of the era.

Yet it’s those very elements that make it such a beloved part of pc history, it was and still is an important part of what makes us pc gamers, and despite the graphics looking very dated, I found after a few moments they didn’t distract me at all.

Worth a Buy?

Despite its age, Half-life still has a small dedicated online community, with peak daily CCU of almost 700, a great game for those who want to experience a living part of PC gamer history.

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