, Is Contagion, Dead or Dying?
Is Contagion, Dead or Dying?

Welcome to Is it Dead or Dying?, every edition we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activity, for our third game lets take a look at Contagion.

Original Review

Developer Activity.

After several years of no development and a switch in development teams we have slowly started getting bugfixes and quality of life change,s honestly I don’t believe the developers can do much more than this type of update without a larger community, which in turn would generate more sales revenue.

Community Activity.

With an average daily peak of 60-100 players split between a fist full of servers, there is still some form of community, the remaining players seem to flock to the same handful of servers, and matchmaking still works in EU after/evening, that being said I suggest joining a discord/group for the game and engage in manual matchmaking, a far more consistent way of finding matches.

Why did it Die?

What exactly happened to drain the coffers of Contagion is up for debate, rumours of bad choices, stolen development funds by rogue team members, probably in some subreddit or Discord alien abduction or Illuminati are blamed, but for whatever reason Contagion ground to a halt, a death blow for a indie title.. or so you would think.

Contagion continued to retain a small community that even reaches rare peaks of 150+, the gameplay while very dated is solid and well worth a plan for fans of the genre.

Can it be Saved?

I don’t think it in danger of dying at all, what is dead may never die, and while some massive revival is unlikely, a year from now Contagion will most likely still retain the same community it has now, give or take a few players.

Diagnosis: Refuses to Die



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