, Lets Talk About: Are HolyDay Games Predatory?

Lets Talk About: Are HolyDay Games Predatory?

Platforms: PC

HolyDay publishes several mobile games on Steam, which are of fair quality and mostly follow the format of Adventure Capiltaist, clicker games with no real end goal beyond increasing your stats/income.

While this genre is oddly addictive, the titles are barely games in any real sense of the word.

Every genre has its good and bad, and free to play commercial mobile style games depend on microtransactions, in this genre having microtransactions is to be expected, we can only judge a game on how fair those microtransactions are.

Midas Gold Plus

Midas Gold Plus has the least intrusive microtransactions of all Holyday titles, while they are still existent and to some revolting in principle, HolyDay did a good job of removing them from sight with only one real store icon and a few + buttons next to high-end currencies, this helps those with addictions to gambling and impulse purchases to avoid the pitfalls of spending huge amounts of money in hundreds of tiny transactions

Gameplay-wise, it plays like a somewhat-dated Adventure Capiltaist with different business/income names, a decent enough clicker/idle game but honestly compared to a real pc game and even compared to real mobile games such as Candy Crush.

The entire genre seems rather pointless, and people who spend money just to see their numbers increase in a game with no real endgame are beyond my comprehension, it can only be some form of subconscious addiction that drives sensible people to throw money at a game when that money only changes stats that offer no real, meaningful change to the way the game plays.

Earning 1k, 1m, 1b a second makes the game no more or less enjoyable, it looks and plays exactly the same.

Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG is a far prettier version of the idle games that mobile users gobble up like gumdrops and offers gameplay mechanics that offer nothing that its uglier cousins don’t already provide, the entire genre is bizarrely addicting, and it’s that addiction that the game developers count on to drive MTX.

The gameplay loop consists of using your fairy-like character to destroy a few enemies, then slowly but surely building up a squad of AI heroes to do the dirty work for you, all the while collecting gold coins and using it to upgrade your forces, so they can kill harder enemies, and gain more gold.. allowing them to.. yeah you get it.. its a pointless progression that is oddly addicting, even I found myself logging on to see how my heroes were doing.. despite knowing how useless it all was.

Holyday City: Reloaded

I found Holyday City: Reloaded entirely repulsive, with cute graphics that would appeal to young children, the game is anything but child-friendly, with a wide selection of very expensive packages, and multiple buttons on the main screen that link to cash shop, events that cost excessive grind or a real-world money entry fee, premium currencies, boosts, you name it, every trope and gimmick of idle clickers is here.

I actually felt dirty even playing it to review, and while Holyday has broken no laws, and nothing they do in any of their titles is in any way illegal, the games feel deeply unethical in their monetisation, and I for one would never put a cent into any of their games due to this.

Honestly, if all their offerings had the less intrusive monetisation of Midas Gold Plus and Firestone Idle RPG, I would have no issue with them at all.

Free to play game publishers need microtransactions to survive, I understand that, but games like Holyday City are way over the top and feel predatory in nature.

I would love to see Holyday tone down their more blatant microtransaction elements going forward, as for those who like idle/clickers they do make games of fair or better quality.

Predator Rating: I would not say Holyday are predators. However, some of their titles do sway very close to that standard.

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