, Is Doom (2016), Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Doom (2016), Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Doom (2016) is a modern classic of the gore shooter genre. It’s a well-made game that runs beautifully, On my 8Gb card I was pulling 90+fps on maxed settings while running another game in a separate window, the gunplay, however, feels unintuitive at first, but pays off in the long run.

Authentic to the Franchise.

Doom (2016) is very recognisable as an upgrade of the original doom. While the graphics are night and day different, the gameplay cycle is near identical, kill demons, find cards, open doors, escape level, repeat, it’s not a very complex loop and on paper sounds tedious.

Still, it works in practice and fans of the franchise will get a kick out of seeing Doom this pretty.

There is a story, but it’s as thin as Charlie Buckets cabbage water, its not a bad story but it’s very generic, even your main character is known as merely marine or the fan term “doom guy”.

Fans of Wolfenstein will like the fact that BJ Blazkowicz is the ancestor of the playable character “Doom Guy”, seems he has inherited his great-grandad’s love for overpowered shotguns.

Feels Fun to Play? Well Yes, But Actually No.

Doom isn’t an intelligent game; it’s a shooter that feels very liner. However people don’t play Doom for a deep narrative or mind-stretching puzzles and moral quandaries, they buy it to chainsaw demons in the face, and on that aspect Doom delivers, combat is abundant and at times very fun, however, at other times the combat feels like a chore, no matter how fun it is to blast a demon with a shotgun, by the time you are on your 500ths imp it all runs a little stale.

Exhausting and Exhilarating.

I find playing doom is mentally exhausting, a corridor shooter that uses mostly fire, blood and metal for its aesthetics, every almost level is aesthetically the same, I actually got excited to step out onto the barren orange sands, if only to have something to look at other than blood and metal.

I love the combat but find the default keymapping and lack of iron sights unfamiliar, so many shooters use the same layout, so when R is no longer reload, but swap attachment and right-click is alt attack vs the standard iron sights/scope, shooter muscle memory and experience feels at times useless.

Worth a Buy?

Well worth a buy for fans of the franchise, and newcomers to the series will find this a perfect jump-on point due to its low price, and near-insane steam sale discounts.

I, for one, am looking forward to Doom Eternal and will be playing it first chance I get.

Available now Steam, Microsoft Windows Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


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