Review: Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars PC

Battlesloths 2025 is truly garbage game, with an awful premise, terrible animations, dismal graphics, and dated controls, combined these traits make it an unmissable indie title, and one which most fans of niche indie titles would enjoy.

Indie Garbage at its best.

I have said many times before, some indie titles are so awful to their core they become good again, and Battlesloths 2025 is one such title, its nothing to look at or write home about.

Why So Serious?

Still, I have fallen in love with it, the fast-paced, and poorly balanced combat is fun, its a fantastic party game and even playing with bots is enjoyable.

A game doesn’t have to be brilliant to be fun, and twerking sloths wearing traffic cone hats and wailing lightsabres is fun, Pc gamers need to stop taking ourselves so seriously, games are for fun, and being a Platnium XX Super Rank 1337 on generic shooter X isn’t any more impressive at the end of your life than being the very best twerking homicidal fashion-conscious sloth you can be.

Worth a Play?

If you have a good sense of humour and enjoy frantic fast pasted combat involving sloths, you will get a kick out of this game

The loading icon is a pole dancing sloth, just thought I would mention it…

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